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South Carolina DSS
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South Carolina DSS

Dorchester County South Carolina DSS placed (2) two children, baby girl - age (21) twenty-one
months and (4) four years of age, in home their step-grandfather, convicted at age 42 of "CRIMINAL
SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH MINORS", instead of placing them with the children father that is 2
months behind in child support and has NO priors or placing them into foster care. The registered
sex offender is the step-grandfather and can not be licensed as a foster home in the State of South
Carolina. The Dorchester County South Carolina Sheriff's Department informed me that once a
registered sex offender has completed his prison, parole and probation sentence, there is nothing
in South Carolina's law that prevents DSS from placing any child into the home of a registered sex
Show Date: 02/27/2009: 11:30PM
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